What Causes Glaucoma?

Clear liquid called aqueous humor circulates inside the front portion of your eye. To maintain a healthy level of pressure within the eye, a small amount of this fluid is constantly produced at the same time as an equal amount flows out of the eye through a microscopic drainage system. This liquid is not part of the tears on the outer surface of the eye.

Chart Showing the Development of Glaucoma

Because the eye is a closed structure, if the drainage area for the aqueous humor is blocked, the excess fluid cannot flow out of the eye. Fluid pressure within the eye increases, pushing against the optic nerve and causing damage. Our Orange County glaucoma specialists can detect damage by observing progressive changes in the optic nerve over time.

Diagnosing glaucoma is like putting a puzzle together. It takes a combination of pieces, in this case, different findings on the exam to put the puzzle together. The difficulty is that all patients, like puzzles, are different and require unique attention and evaluation.

At Harvard Eye Associates, we provide all the necessary exams to solve these puzzles. This includes the most up-to-date advances in technology to evaluate the optic nerve.

Anyone can develop glaucoma, but there are certain groups that may be at higher risk. To learn more about your own eye health, schedule an eye exam in Orange County, CA, with us today – even if you do not have any vision problems.