Neurolenses® are specialty prescription lenses that add a contoured prism to bring your eyes into alignment, relieving the headaches, neck/shoulder pain, and eyestrain often caused by using digital devices, reading, or doing detail work.

Eye Misalignment May Be the Reason for Many of Your Symptoms

When the eyes aren’t in sync, the brain must do the work to compensate for the misalignment. The additional effort puts stress on the trigeminal nerve—the largest nerve in the brain and the one responsible for the majority of head and neck sensations. Contoured prisms have been shown in studies1,2 to relieve the headaches, neck/shoulder pain, and eye strain from computer vision syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome

The collection of problems, mostly eye and vision-related, associated with computer use are called Computer Vision Syndrome. Symptoms include eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, red or pink eyes, burning, light sensitivity, headaches, and pain in the shoulders, neck, and back.

Statistics on Digital Overload Show:

  • 70% of Americans use two or more devices at the same time
  • American adults spend more than nine hours a day on digital devices
  • Nearly 65% of American adults complain of headaches, neck/shoulder pain, and eyestrain while using digital devices

To learn more about Computer Vision Syndrome and how neurolenses® can help, watch the video below.


A survey of 360 neurolens® patients after 45 days of treatment found:

  • Nine out of ten people prescribed neurolenses® experienced symptom relief
  • 93% reported symptom relief after wearing neurolenses®
  • More than 56% of patients report having three or more symptoms related to the use of digital devices, reading, or detail work

Get Tested

A three-minute test can change your life! The neurolens® measurement test is performed in less than three minutes during your regular eye exam. The test measures the degree of your misalignment at distance and near.

The test results will guide your doctor in determining if you have a misalignment in your vision and the contoured prism prescription that is right for you.

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