Mark Levy, O.D.

Orange County Eye Doctor Mark Levy, O.D.Orange County Optometrist

Dr. Mark Levy joined Harvard Eye Associates in 2011 after being in private practice since 1982. He graduated from the University of Houston School of Optometry in 1981 after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Visual Science in 1979 from the University of Houston, TX.

Dr. Levy is experienced in all areas of optometry and vision care including eyewear fitting and prescriptions and treatment of many eye disorders.

He works very closely with the surgeons at Harvard Eye Associates on the post-operative management of both cataract and refractive surgery patients. Dr. Levy is an expert in dry eye treatment and specialty-fit contact lenses for patients such as those with keratoconus or post-surgical cases.

Dr. Levy enjoys volunteering his time as a member of the “Flying Samaritans” — a multi-disciplinary group that provides charitable dental and vision services to the underprivileged in Mexico.

Dr. Levy is an avid acoustic guitar player and likes listening to all kinds of music. He plays competitive golf and has completed over 20 marathons since 1989 including the New York, Los Angeles, and Boston Marathons.

Dr. Levy resides in Laguna Hills. He has three children: daughters Nicole and Shelley, and son Gregory.

“Few people get to do what they truly enjoy for a living. Being able to help my patients has been a real pleasure throughout my career. It’s amazing how technology and training have made all facets of eye care better than ever, and I feel fortunate to be part of it.”

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