Cataract Surgery Day

What to Expect During Cataract Surgery

Woman About to Have Cataract SurgeryCataract surgery at Harvard Eye Associates only takes about 10-20 minutes to perform in the ambulatory surgery center. However, please plan on spending about 90 minutes in the surgery center on your surgery day.

Here is how the procedure will go:

  • We will check you in and have you complete any last-minute paperwork.
  • Then we will move you into a room where you can relax before the procedure. We will provide intravenous medication to reduce any anxieties and local anesthesia around your eyes so you won’t experience any pain during surgery.
  • When it is surgery time, we will move you into the surgery room.
  • Your doctor will perform one final check on your eye before surgery. Remember, cataract surgery is only performed on one eye at a time.
  • During surgery, your cloudy lens will be removed and the replacement lens of your choice will be inserted.
  • You will then be allowed to rest after surgery for a while.
  • You will be ready to go home after just a short while. You must have a friend or family member drive you home where you should rest for the remainder of the day.

Most patients report that their cataract surgery at Harvard Eye Associates was quicker and more comfortable than they ever thought possible. The best part is that clear vision is restored for most patients.

To find out if you need cataract surgery, contact us today to schedule a Cataract Consultation in Laguna Hills or San Clemente.