New FDA-approved Eye Drops for Presbyopia

VUITY™ is the first and only FDA-approved prescription eye drop for blurry near vision (presbyopia).

As you age, the natural lens in your eye may start to lose flexibility causing blurry near vision. The inability to see up close is called presbyopia. Approximately 128 million adults in the United States have presbyopia and it occurs to most people around the age of 40-55. With a loss in flexibility, you may not be able to read close-up and may need reading glasses for daily tasks. Most people first notice that they have to hold books, magazines and other materials further away in order to be able to focus their eyes to read.

VUITY™ is a once-a-day treatment that takes in effect in about 15 minutes. One drop in each eye gives you sharper vision for about 6 to 10 hours. This replaces the need for reading glasses to do activities that require close-up vision without disrupting distant vision.

This prescribed medication is not covered by insurance and costs about $80 for a 30-day supply.

Scheduling an appointment with your eye care professional is the first step to see if VUITY™ is right for you and if you have presbyopia.

Start the New Year without your reading glasses!

HEA Patient Testimonial:

I have been wearing reading glasses for the couple of years. I work in a profession where I have to do a lot of reading, then get out into the field quickly. Having to quickly throw my glasses to the side is a hassle and damaging to them. I picked up the drops today and let me tell you, I haven’t seen the computer screen or my cell phone screen this clearly in years. Vuity worked as promised and I didn’t need my glasses for about 8 hours after use. I really appreciate his time, professionalism, and care in determining if this product was right for me.