How Effective is Laser Eye Surgery?

Effectiveness of LASIKLaser eye surgery is one of the fastest, easiest and most successful surgeries performed today.  Over the years, laser eye surgery has benefited from advanced technology and techniques that continue to improve the patient experience.

Patients who request laser eye surgery and are realistic about the results they expect are typically very satisfied with their laser eye surgery.  How effective is laser eye surgery?  LASIK is excellent at providing correction of blurry distance vision.  However, as we age it is normal to expect problems with reading and of seeing objects up-close.  Reading glasses, or other corrections, may still be needed after LASIK, depending on indicators like age, medical condition, vision history, and other factors.

Our experts will provide a no-pressure LASIK consultation to help determine whether or not you are a candidate for LASIK.  Not everyone is.  People with health problems, pregnant women, anyone under 18, and people with unusual vision correction needs that cannot be corrected with LASIK are all people who would not be treated with LASIK.

For more information about LASIK, and to find out your options for laser eye surgery, please call Harvard Eye Associates in San Clemente for a consultation.