When is the Best Time to have LASIK?

For many glasses or contact lens wearers, there comes a time when they say enough is enough and decide to have LASIK. So, when is the best time to have LASIK?

When your eyes and prescription are stable: Teenagers and many young adults often experience changes in their contact lens prescription and eyeglass prescription from year to year. It’s important for refractive errors to be stable for at least 12 months before undergoing LASIK or other refractive surgery.

When you want to improve your quality of life: There is no better time to have LASIK than now. The sooner you have the procedure, the more years you have to enjoy the unique benefits it brings. Regardless of age, experiencing the freedom of life after LASIK is worth it.

When you’re just plain done with glasses and contacts: There are many reasons that people state they are just done with glasses and contacts as a viable vision correction solution. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Contact lens induced infections
  • Broken or misplaced glasses
  • Not being able to see when waking up
  • Activities like scuba diving, swimming, running, exercise, etc. that are hindered by glasses and contacts
  • Tired of spending money year-after-year on glasses and contacts

So, when’s the best time to have LASIK? It’s when you feel totally ready!

Of course, LASIK is not right for every patient and there may be other considerations. If you’re ready to find out if LASIK is right for you, the best thing you can do is to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors in Laguna Hills. Contact Harvard Eye Associates at 949-951-2020 or harvardeye.com today.