Category: Eye Health

Dry Eye Treatments

Dry eyes are no fun: They itch, sting and tear up. Many LASIK patients, approximately 50%, experience dry eye symptoms following their LASIK surgery. The reason so many people experience dry eye after LASIK is that the creation of the corneal flap affects the nerves that regulate the production of tears. If you have developed… Read More

Eye Surgery Types

From LASIK to PRK, there are several types of eye surgery available today to correct less than perfect vision. While each one has the same goal of improved eyesight, every eye surgery procedure is unique. To help you understand which type of eye surgery is right for you, here’s an overview of some of the… Read More

How Eye Movement Speed Affects Decision-Making

If you become impatient very easily, you may have faster eye movements. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland have published a study that may shed some light as to why certain people are perfectly content waiting in a long grocery store line, for example, while others feel compelled to move to find shorter lines…. Read More

Television and Glaucoma

It may be possible to identify glaucoma and other eye diseases by observing the eye movements of people as they watch television. A team of researchers at City University London put this idea to the test by comparing 44 patients with glaucoma against 32 elderly patients who had good vision. Eye tracking devices were used… Read More

Rubbing Your Eyes is a Bad Idea

You’re tired.  Your eyes are itchy.  Naturally, you rub your eyes and they feel better. What’s wrong with that, right?  You can get dirt and germs in your eyes by rubbing them which could lead to eye infections. If you have progressive myopia, a form of short-sightedness caused when the eyeball is too long, rubbing… Read More

Will Sitting Too Close to the TV Ruin Your Vision?

Was Mom right when she yelled at you for sitting too close to the television? Mom is right most of the time…but when it comes to television viewing distance, she’s wrong – at least today. There is no evidence that children or adults will damage their vision if they sit too close to the television…. Read More